Feel the Calm: Part 1

Clinical Questions you always wanted ask about Craniosacral Therapy but never asked! What conditions does Craniosacral Therapy (CST) help with? The effects of Craniosacral Therapy (CST) are far and wide and I prefer not to have a list. Instead, here is what I mostly work with.  Stress, Anxiety and Trauma.  Our mind and body don’t … Read more

Your Inner Critic, Is Your Obnoxious Roommate

Inner Critic? What’s that? Do you know the voice in your head who talks to you in a way you would never talk to any of your friends? It— Puts you down Makes you feel insecure and self doubting Is mean Has a major negative effect on your life Beats you up for tiny imperfections And it knows how to push your buttons … Read more

Transformational Work

Pushing People Away?

I am hurting today. I am hurting because of something my spouse has on his mind which deeply pains me and makes it really difficult to live life ‘as usual’. My emotional reactions and the pain I am feeling are not new. I can tell that the grey shades of traumatic experiences from my   past are re-surfacing. … Read more