You have a body

Your soul lives in your body

Your emotions live in your body

Your organs, brain, physiology, heart and so on live in your body

You live in your body for this lifetime

Your energy field radiates out of your body

For you to align yourself with a life of goodness, safety and love you want to carefully choose what will your house (body) be and how to fill it up.

The furnitures of the house are your emotions, the wiring is your nervous system, the skeletal system is the structure. What will you put in your house to be able to maintain what your soul wants? What colors, vibrations and frequencies will you bring into your body house? The ones which will be aligned with “the good stuff”?

You want the furniture-emotions in your house to be in alignment with beauty, goodness and compassion so your life will be meaningful and full. That’s what your soul (who makes the final decisions) wants .

Otherwise, if you don’t take care of your house and keep it in good standing, toxins, dirt or neglect will start accumulating there, in your home.

·      Destructiveness might finds its way in

·      Self doubt and self criticism will start ruling your reality

·      Overwhelm and over loaded will step in

·      Energy blocks and negativity will raise their heads

What will you do if corrosion takes over in the house where you live?

You will call the electrician, the handyman, the plumber, the special help. If that happens to your emotions you might want to call the healer or a therapist or a good friend.

Your clean and radiant physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are important. Choosing calm and resilience is important.

Your house- body (physical, emotional, spiritual) is there to support and nourish what you are here to do in this life time.

Love having you here-


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