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how does working with the body
help your mind?

Somatic means related to the body. A somatic therapy approach uses the wisdom of the body first, while the mind is secondary.

This approach is very effective for stress, anxiety, trauma, and overwhelm.

Somatic Therapy


Many therapists work with their clients through talk therapy. I’m a body-mind therapist, which means I combine talking about issues with body awareness, bodywork, and nervous system practices.

In traditional therapy, the client mostly talks and attends to their life story. The focus is on their thoughts and feelings and little attention is being paid to the body.

In somatic therapy work, you get to know and sense how your body holds and tells the stories of the past. Your tensions, fears, and unresolved stress show up as constriction, tensions, anxiety, depression, gut issues.

Through gentle somatic psychotherapy, you can learn to listen to the language of your body and release patterns of constriction.

You can come to know yourself again as a wholehearted embodied being. This is your greatest return, returning home to your deepest and most authentic self.

to get better, you need the mind
and the body to work together

how does this translate in a body-mind session?

Having emotional pain, sadness or just being stressed doesn’t only happen in your head.

Working with the body can provide you with tools and easy ways to travel into the subconscious or into your less explored ‘shadow’ aspect.

Most sessions include an embodiment session- a combination of somatic healing or/and a hands-on session.

As a somatic therapist that works with body-centered approaches, I know that emotions and trauma live in the body and not the mind.

Every session brings you back to yourself and into your body.

Body-Mind Therapy Hudson Valley

trauma informed therapy

I am a body-centered, trauma-informed therapist with a deep understanding of how trauma works and how it affects your whole being.

I do trauma work through the body and the mind. We cultivate sensory awareness; we track the emotions in your body, we resource your nervous system, and all that helps emotional and physical shifts to happen.

In engaging in somatic therapy work, you develop a deeper awareness of yourself and go from living on the surface in what we call a survival mode to a more regulated state of connecting with your body, mind, and soul.

body-mind therapy hudson valley

somatic therapy helps you:

  • stay connected to yourself and the world around you, even when reality is unpleasant, scary, dull, and everything in between.

  • repair traumatic experiences, stress and overwhelm and help you re-orient to your primary home - your body.

by working on all three levels of your human experience:

somatic therapy






you find you can become more in tune with yourself based on what you are sensing in your physical body.

this is an excellent way of working if you want to experience:

  • an inner integration, less fragmentation

  • more control of your life - your body.

  • more balance between mind-body-emotions