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Upcoming Craniosacral Thereapy course Fall 2023!

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Nurit Nardi - Mind Body Therapy New Paltz

Dear seeker,

I have been teaching and mentoring massage therapists in craniosacral work since 1999 when I joined the staff at the Swedish Institute for massage therapy in NYC.

At the time Craniosacral was the new kid on the block, and students were still struggling with the energetic concepts which today are naturally practised and accepted in many forms of meditations, body and spiritual work.

I continue to offer craniosacral therapy training privately and in massage therapy schools as a continuing education provider.

I am approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider and accepted by the state of NY and other states for LMT license renewal.

Please visit the website often as I add new classes and updates.

Thank you and see you in class!

- nurit

This craniosacral therapy training is designed for body therapy practitioners who would like to explore integrating Craniosacral Therapy into their practices.

Taught with an integrated approach including theory, anatomy, practice sessions and discussion of class process. The goal is to build a foundation of basic skills and principles and to create a base for further study.

I can’t wait to have you participate in one of my online or in-person programs and courses! This page is updated regularly, so please check back or subscribe to my newsletter to be kept informed.

There are currently three courses available.

  • Introduction to Craniosacral Integration (Craniosacral Therapy Training)
  • Working With Your Dreams Class
  • Working with Cancer and Chronic Illness

craniosacral therapy training

two days 9-5

day 1- essential concepts

  • The history and development of Craniosacral therapy
  • The Craniosacral concept: a theoretical and practical introduction to the system
  • The anatomy of the Craniosacral system: membranes, bones, cerebral spinal, fascia
  • The motions of the craniosacral system: expression of motion (middle tide, long tide, breath of life, dynamic stillness)
  • Opening the system: creating a safe space, therapeutic presence, tuning in with sensitivity, grounding
  • Practitioner fulcrums
  • Introduction to subtle hands-on skills
  • Listening stations techniques

day 2- hands on subtle palpations

  • Welcoming meditation
  • Questions on previously learnt material
  • Review day 1
  • Sacrum: anatomy and palpation
  • A framework of integrated treatment: engagement, opening up the system, core treatment, completion.
  • Practice sessions
  • Treatment responses
  • The fluidic nature of the treatment
  • Diaphragms: theory
  • Diaphragms: practice sessions
  • Formulation of assessment, what have I noticed about my client? What am I noticing about myself?

craniosacral therapy training outcomes:

  • Develop an awareness of how to use subtle energies as a refined tool
  • Perfect several osteopathic manual therapies holds
  • Accurately recognize several signs of release
  • Become aware of how you can achieve great client results with fewer physical demands on your own body
  • Work energetically from a neutral place
  • Construct and maintain a healthy energetic boundary
  • Trust your hands

Massage therapists will receive 16 CE hours after successful completion of the class. Other practitioners may also qualify for CE hours. Please check with your state licensing board for details

This Craniosacral Therapy training class is being taught in few locations: either in my home office in New Paltz NY or in massage schools throughout the country. Or, gather a group of people who are interested in learning CST principles and invite me to teach.



craniosacral therapy training - testimonials

“Was so wonderful meeting you and taking your course this past weekend. I enjoyed myself so much and look forward to coming up there again and getting a session from you!”
Joanna, licensed Massage Therapist

“I was re-reading my notes from last week’s class with appreciation. This workshop was very interesting as was the last I took with you earlier this year.”
Marie Claude

“Nurit is a responsible and wise teacher as well as an experienced healer. She is very clear and knows how to transmit and express the materials of the class I took. In the two-day intro course, Nurit guided us with confidence and love; it's very important to feel safe because you can disappear for 30 minutes at a time (which only felt like 10min). I recommend taking a class if you are interested in learning this wonderful modality”.

working with your dreams class

letting mystery in with dreams and imagery

I teach dreaming and imagery based on Sapphire. The work is being initiated and carried forward at the School of Images in NYC under the guidance of Catherine Shainberg, PhD.

One of the greatest challenges of working with dreams is the ability to open oneself to the mystery. Dreams are magical.

Today we are used to getting rational and analyzed answers to most questions we have through the technology at our fingertips. As a result, our imagination suffers. Very little is left to the imagination.

Opening yourself up to mystery is opening yourself to dreaming, imagination, and creativity. To form a relationship with your dreams, you need dialogue and conversation.

Your dreams have the power to tell you so much about who you are, what’s blocking your journey, and how to transform.

in this basic dreaming class you will learn:

  • how to remember your dreams

  • the different kinds of dreams

  • the key levels and key elements when looking “to open” a dream

  • a series of steps to be used individually or in groups for working with your dreams

The class is experiential. We will work with one dream that will be selected by the class participant. Having completed this class you will be able to open and get to know better your own dreams and their meaning.

For groups of 3 or more, I can schedule a custom dreams class at a time convenient to you – email me to discuss options.

working with cancer and chronic illnesses

a masterful program to help gain control over your health

You know how it goes... you get that diagnosis, and everyone and their brother is filled with advice.

"Take this, do this, this worked for me." It's exhausting.

You can't even say hello anymore without someone asking you how you are feeling and giving you their solution. And deep inside resides your truth, which includes:

  • What you need
  • How to access healing
  • What will be most beneficial to you

reclaim your health!

I am offering you a unique healing program based on the work of the late healer Colette Aboulker-Muscat, designed to remind your body of its healing potential within, and address the physical, emotional, and spiritual sources of the illness through the limitless power of the mind.

After all, recovering from cancer isn’t just about your body - it’s also about healing the mind, the body, and its belief systems as well.

Discover incredible spiritual tools and invaluable support and mentorship:

Twice a month we will meet as a group (virtual is a possibility) and you’ll master truly holistic mental imagery cancer reversing exercises. Throughout the month you will be given plenty of time to practice your chosen imagery exercises to deepen your experience.

As your powerful self emerges, you’ll be lifted and celebrated.

  • Maximize your ability to heal
  • Rediscover yourself and the ‘mind over body’ power you didn’t know you had
  • Open yourself up to the visionary life and potent IMAGES of HEALTH
  • Rest, rejuvenate, and heal from within
  • Take control of your life
  • Supplement your conventional treatments with mystical and intuitive skills that elevate your ability to heal
  • Strengthen your immunity
  • Reduce the toxic effects of chemo and radiation
  • Shift deep imprinted belief systems about health

turn poison into medicine

Module 1: Develop your inner vision
Module 2: Healing the body-mind (cleansing, clearing anxiety, guilt, and resentment)
Module 3: Detaching from disease
Module 4: Descending into the self
Module 5: Exercises to reduce specific tumors
Module 6: Celebrating life