body-mind therapy for painful stress and anxiety

body-mind therapy: claim your power and thrive

are you a sensitive and creative woman, trying to get relief from stress and anxiety?

it’s a painful cycle, even if you have ways to suppress, numb, and avoid these emotions.


if you experience...

  • self-doubt and self-blame
  • overwhelm
  • emotional paralysis
  • exhaustion
  • body pains and discomfort

i can help.


body-mind therapy - let’s dive deep

i have always had an intuitive experience of the body-mind (and soul) connection and explored training and research in body-based methods. I know that emotions and trauma live in the body as well as the mind.

my signature body-mind therapy offering "bodymindsoul" works on the differing aspects of your human identity and offers healing, integration and liberation.

the big picture goal is that you feel relaxed, authentic, and safe in the world. this will unleash your creativity, and help you embody your true nature and potential.

i offer...

  • focusing oriented psychotherapy

  • trauma resolution coaching

  • dreamwork and transformational imagery (saphire)

  • hands-on biodynamic craniosacral therapy

  • TIST (trauma informed stabilization treatment )

  • transpersonal psychotherapy

  • several forms of body work

the body-mind therapy process

deeper than words

BodyMindSoul is my unique offering that combines the power of transpersonal psychotherapy, imagery for transformation, dreaming, focusing, mindfulness, many forms of hands-on bodywork, craniosacral therapy, and embodiment for deeper healing.

we weave ancient practices together with cutting-edge, body-centered approaches to create new neural pathways in your brain.

our sessions don’t follow a diagnostic formula, but we avoid analyzing behaviors and thoughts.

the goals of mind-body therapy are to experience and feel more. it's about empowering you to reclaim lost parts of your soul that are waiting to be released. it’s about deep listening, dropping beneath logic and honoring the truth that is inside of you.


imagine what it would feel like
to live your life authentically

Somatic Therapy

your healing is waiting for you

bodymindsoul is my body of work, based on over 33 year's experience working, mentoring, and studying body-mind therapy and the healing arts.

if you resonate with who I am and what I offer, contact me now.

i offer body-mind psychotherapy and bodywork in New Paltz, NY
or via Zoom across the USA and the globe.