trauma & embodied healing

despite you growing up in a house that wasn’t a home, in a family that was loveless, where you felt unwanted, unliked, criticized and rejected, where there was no one to protect you, there was little parental guidance, and there was no way to escape.

today it’s considered a form of trauma called traumatic neglect.

despite that, still, healing is always possible.

in our work you will learn how to safely and compassionately shift trauma into reparative experiences.

are you stuck?

  • In doing "all the right things" and still never getting what you want?
  • In patterns that never seem to go away?
  • Wondering and being hard on yourself about what is wrong with you since everyone else seems to be doing OK but you are not?
  • Why is your body showing persistent signs of stress?

i'm here to tell you!

  • You're not crazy
  • You're not "too much"
  • You're not "doing it wrong
  • And most of anything IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT

The work of Embodied Healing is profound. It's unlike anything else you've done. Why? Because we listen and work with..

  • The parts of you that you know need help
  • The parts of you that you don't even know are there

together we build a bridge from who you are now back to who you know yourself to be.

wouldn't it be nice to finally

  • know what you want and actually go for it without always compromising
  • more self love and less concern of what others think of you
  • no matter what your body looks like you are more comfortable in it

I offer Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in New Paltz, NY.


what to expect

No matter your age and your physical condition, you will experience an opportunity for deep relaxation, self-reflection, and self-healing.

The experience can be profound, and your comfort is important. I will ask you to wear comfortable clothing and stay clothed throughout.

The touch you will experience is respectful and very light. I will connect with you through your feet, spine, head, and shoulders. You might experience dream-like sensations, floating between wake and sleep.


after your craniosacral therapy session

Enjoy the opportunity to relax on the table after your session and then move slowly back into your day.

Afterwards, you might notice subtle changes in your physical, emotional, or energetic levels, as well as a change in your physical symptoms.

For some, the session will engage healing resources at your core. This can be the beginning of a process that continues after the session is over.

Because of the benefits of the work, most people who begin are eager to continue.

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