how i work with you

Our work is less about coping. It’s more about healing and empowering. In our one-on-one sessions, there will be no diagnosis, no pathology, no sense that you are broken and in need of repair.

Instead, you’ll find a commitment to empowering you to live your soul’s truth by gently removing the layers of fear, trauma, silenced emotions, and stress that are blocking your path.

results you can expect:

When you work with me, you will learn to…

  • listen to your body
  • hear the “less listened to” parts of your being
  • honor, balance, and regulate your nervous system
  • manage your physical and emotional energy
  • make peace with your inner critic
  • trust your intuition and its wisdom
  • accept your incredible value
  • love who you are

When you work with me, you will…

  • lessen your anxieties
  • increase your confidence
  • feel safer and more comfortable in your body
  • more resilient and engaged in self-care
  • empowered to share your many gifts (yes, you have gifts!)
mind body therapy new Hudson Valley NY

guiding beliefs & values

My mission: I’m here to offer you mind-body-dreaming tools and processes that will help reduce your anxiety, soothe your pain, know your worth, and stand in your power to create real, lasting change in your life.

Your mind forms a single functioning unit with your body.

Your body richly signals what lies beneath your thinking and points the way deep into your “shadow” self, where you bury unpleasant emotions such as anger, anxiety, and fear.


my approach makes your experience unique

I bring to healing a rare synergy of skills and strategies: transpersonal therapy, focusing-oriented therapy, imagination and dream work, clinical trauma skills, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and an array of bodywork modalities.

For you, this means we have a rich array of healing tools.

Which of these I use during our sessions depends on your needs: At times, we’ll work on the massage table to gently access your nervous system; at times, we will delve into a difficult emotion, or an emotional trigger, or connect with your subconscious through your body, or open a night dream.

  • You will feel more and analyze less
  • You will drop below logic and honor your emotions and deeper truth
  • You will weave scientific approaches with ancient, visionary practices like imagery and dreaming

At all times, I will work with both your body and your mind, combining body awareness with body-centered talk therapy, so that you can re-integrate into wholeness.


Now that you have a better idea about the uniqueness of my approach and philosophy of working with clients,
if you think we are a good fit, please contact me!