are you covid’s touch deprived?

us, humans, need and crave touch. we are wired for touch. as infants we are being cuddled, we are experiencing the reassurance of skin to skin contact, we are being snuggled with warmth by parents, care takers or even hospital staff.

you might consider it strange but those ‘touchy’ experiences are imprinted in your subconscious and can be a determining factor to the quality of your life and the relationships you develop as an adult.

the act of safe physical contact can be a profound and deeply meaningful . sometimes all you need is a friend to place a hand on your arm and sit with you. and a hug at the right moment can be the perfect support.

but a lack of physical touch or physical contact has an effect on your nervous system. you might sense the difference in your skin. you might have lost a sense of comfort and safety that has been with you before. you might feel slightly more depressed than usual.

and then came covid.

you were pretty isolated for two years.

some of you had the fortune of living with others: family, partners , kids, and probably had a healthy share of body contact, emotional connection and nurturing touch.

some of you had no family and little support, and stayed alone and lonely in your living spaces.

some, mostly in health care, were working day and night under tremendous stress and fatigue

some were feeling very alone and isolated. no personal touch, no physical touch, yes on zoom but that doesn’t really count as physically being with another human.

have you noticed if and how those no or touch deprived experiences have affected you emotionally or physically?

what you might have observed, what other clients shared:

·      feeling less confidence

·      feeling more tension and stress, less relaxed less calm

·      more difficult to be present with others

·      less socially engaging with people around you

what do you need in order for your brain to thrive?

acknowledge the experience you went through. talk to others . share experiences. journal. look around, reach out and TOUCH someone. with permission.

 remember that commercial? still works.

wishing you all the love,


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