is this you?

your sensitivity and creativity are a gift.
embrace them.

deep healing, personal growth and transformation

my therapeutic approaches work best for highly sensitive people and creative professionals, who struggle with anxiety, overwhelm, or trauma.


Craniosacral Therapy New Paltz

you are a highly sensitive, professionally creative woman

you have so many precious traits that come with many strengths and gifts. you are intuitive, talented, a keen observer, creative, deep thinker, in tune with the feelings of others.

and you also have some inner challenges.

  • you experience anxiety – and it’s very disorienting. you struggle with it on a daily level.
  • you are stuck – feeling unhappy with issues that are not allowing you to be the true performer or artist that you strive to be.
  • you process deeply and it’s exhausting – you ‘see too much’, ‘hear too much’, ‘think too much’, ‘and feel too much’. painfully, sometimes people even tell you that 'you are too much'.
  • emotionally masking your pain – you have experienced emotional wounding and learned to disguise your pain by putting on a mask of happiness that hides the way you feel on the inside. removing it feels very vulnerable.
  • you get easily overwhelmed – you feel as if you’re drowning in external and internal stimuli, from intense emotions to loud sounds, bright lights and large crowds. the result? you can’t move, can’t decide. you’re often stuck
  • you are hard on yourself about everything - the critic in you won’t shut up. so, you push yourself further, faster, harder, often beyond what’s healthy.
  • you suffer for others and for the world – you feel guilty experiencing joy when there is so much suffering around you.
  • you feel that you don’t belong – you spend your time trying to adapt and fit in. but you mostly feel like an orphan who has no home.
Mind body therapy New Paltz

you have lost your authentic inner voice

you no longer trust your intuition or gut feelings. or maybe you feel as if that intuitive, gut feeling and honest, inspirational voice of yours has been silenced, buried.

if you’re a creative professional or talented amateur – and many if not most of you are – you’re creating badly: your work seems shallow, not authentically you. that is if you’re creating at all: inspiration isn’t happening. words won’t flow. you may have literally lost your voice. you’re blocked.

  • you’re so busy listening to what everyone else wants for you – your boss, your teacher, your partner or spouse, your kids, parents, friends, colleagues – that you no longer know what you want.
  • you question what you know in your heart and mind to be true and truly you.
Trauma Informed Therapy

you carry the weight of suppressed emotions: anger, fear, anxiety, shame, and you feel stuck

you’ve experienced a difficult childhood; one marked by adversity, perhaps. maybe you’ve suffered a loss, bullying, prejudice, harassment, an accident, or other trauma. it makes you feel as if you’re being physically pulled down by a weight that’s too heavy to carry.

now it feels like you’re in a hard, scary, self-critical place in which you can’t move emotionally and, sometimes, physically. You tell yourself that you’re waiting for something external to happen that will point or push you in the right direction. but it hasn’t happened. and you’re afraid it won’t.

  • you are deeply touched by positive emotions such as joy, kindness, love. but you also struggle with negative emotions such as shame, fear, anger. you take longer than most to recover from criticism.
  • your first instinct is to suppress any negative emotion, any feeling of upset. but these suppressed emotions keep whispering to you. just thinking about them can make you physically ill.
  • you intuitively know that these whispers are messages telling you that something in your life is locked up, closed tight, and needs to be opened.
  • you want to change but don’t know-how. you make a plan but can’t make it happen: you don’t know which action to take or where to go.
  • you need to make a decision, so you gather information and ponder all the angles for hours, days, maybe weeks. endless ruminating is robbing you of work time and needed sleep. now you’re facing a deadline and you still haven’t acted. you realize that, once again, you’ve over thought a simple question, getting tangled in the process.
  • your sense of overwhelm is exhausting to the point of paralysis.

if any of these scenarios resonate with you,
you are in the right place

you need a safe and non-judgmental space where you can:

  • listen mindfully to your body
  • transform your unprocessed emotions from the past
  • discover the strength in your sensitivity and creativity
  • reconnect with your inner voice
  • ground yourself in self-esteem and self-compassion
  • embrace the fullness of who you are
  • soften and release the “stuck” place
  • enjoy who you are, all the qualities you didn’t know you had.

i am an expert coach who uses trauma-informed body-centered therapies. we work holistically with your body, emotions, mind and soul.

i work best with people who share these values:

  • you understand that healing work requires that you take responsibility for your own life.
  • you realize that something needs to shift and a new approach is needed
  • you are committed to change for the better
  • you are willing to let go of old ways and try new things
  • you know that you need to invest time, energy, and money in yourself to become the best that you can be

if you resonate with me… and are ready to give yourself the support you need to really flourish.

now that you know the clients with whom I work, the issues I help them resolve, and what they need to do to ensure their own success, either make a booking or learn more about how I work.

my therapeutic approach works best for the highly sensitive and professionally creative woman, who is deeply interested in healing the places within, that disrupt her wellbeing and her creative potential.

ready to awaken to your inner healer?

you’ve come here because you are seeking to change, to stop the pain, and you’re ready to undertake the work of self-care that will lead you to heal.

true healing is an inside job. genuine change can happen if you are:

  • prepared to transform your unprocessed emotions from the past
  • ready to build your confidence, to discover the strength in your sensitivity and creativity
  • willing to delve into the really “messy” feelings of being human
  • committed to deepening your connections with yourself and others.

i'm here to awaken your inner healer
through healing your whole self:
mind, body, emotions and dreaming.
now it’s your turn ready to explore?

i can help!