Mind body therapy in the Hudson Valley, New York.

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deep healing
personal growth

i offer a powerful therapeutic work as a mindbody therapist and healer. its purpose is to help you create a sense of inner safety and inner calm, gently healing the painful inner turmoil and chaos that's blocking your journey to a meaningful life.


i am passionate
about supporting you

find your footing, peel back layers of hurt and fear that no longer serve you, and recover parts of yourself that you have forgotten.

spread your wings

and set your mind, heart
and soul free.

body-mind therapy hudson valley

“difficulties present an opportunity for us to accumulate great fortune and benefit.”

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Nurit Nardi - Mind Body Therapy New Paltz

hi, i’m nurit

Being a highly sensitive and creative woman, you can get caught in a painful cycle of harsh self-criticism, anxiety and life coming at you too fast.

I get it, you’re exhausted.

I am passionate about helping you. As a somatic mind body therapist and coach, I know how powerful it is to include therapeutic bodywork in the healing journey.

how can i support you?

one on one
coaching and mind body therapy

Discover your resilience and unlock a brand-new way of doing and being in the world.

biodynamic craniosacral therapy for anxiety, bad backs, and headaches

Healing physical pain, anxiety, and the stresses of life.

teaching and workshops

Empowering your path of discovery and healing.

when you commit to a path of healing and growth, you...

  • make your nervous system happy by balancing and regulating it.

  • realize how loveable and powerful you are. You are absolutely “enough”.

  • learn how to win over your self-doubt with self-compassion. A more confident you.

  • get to use your body’s intelligence. The ultimate compass.

  • embrace and invite a new ease of calm, grounding and resilience into your life.

  • discover how to better balance your energies.

mind body therapy sessions are available in person
(in my office in New Paltz, NY),
over zoom or via phone.

Body-Mind Therapy Hudson Valley

how i work with you

Our work is more about healing and empowering, and less about coping. In our one-on-one mind body therapy sessions, there is no diagnosis, no pathology, no sense of being broken and in need of repair.

Instead, you’ll find a commitment to empowering
you to live your soul’s truth by gently removing layers of fear, trauma, and stress that are blocking your path.

Read more about my perspective.

Somatic Therapy

clients say...

“I’m lucky to have had Nurit’s professional wisdom by my side throughout my healing process. The hands-on work and tools she provided me with during our sessions helped me manage the day-to-day pain and anger I was experiencing because of past traumas that lingered in my body and mind.

I would recommend her to anyone who is having difficulties managing stress, anxiety, anger or depression, or any other issues of the mind and body. Nurit is knowledgeable, an expert in her field, and an out of the box thinker who can provide one with practical ways to not only manage one’s issues but also eventually with time and dedication heal from them”

B.S. New York City
(marketing specialist)


my approach makes your experience unique

I bring to healing a rare synergy of skills and strategies: Transpersonal approach to therapy, Focusing Oriented Therapy, imagination and Dream Work, clinical trauma skills, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and an array of bodywork modalities. Read more about the tools and modalities.

For you, this means we have a rich array of healing tools.

Which of these I use during our mind body therapy sessions depends on what your needs are. At times we’ll work through touch on the massage table, at times we will delve into an emotion or trigger that needs attention, or connect with your subconscious through your body, or open a night dream.

  • you will experience more and analyze less

  • you will drop below logic and honor your deeper truth

  • you will weave scientific approaches with ancient, visionary practices like imagery and dreaming

i’m here to dive deep with you,
and explore what resources you need to heal yourself.

let’s do this.

are you ready?

it’s time to shift.
it’s time to be calmer, clearer,
and happier in your life.
it’s time to dive into deep layers
of your body and mind.
it's time to discover... you.

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