integrative coaching and body therapy to resolve Childhood PTSD (c-ptsd) 



That is a life truth and my own life experience. I also know that when we mention the word trauma, we usually mean the “big T” trauma – a onetime terrible experience that can occur any time in life. Events like accidents, assault, or natural disaster, death and so on.  

Childhood trauma is a bit different. It hasn’t happened once but it’s long and repetitive series of ongoing events. It happened mostly in your childhood and it caused developmental damage when your needs as a child weren't met in a way that helped you feel safe, seen, soothed — and secure. 

Trauma doesn’t have to be “obvious” or “invasive” — it can be neglect, or lack of care.  

In an ideal situation, your early caregivers helped you with guidance, forming limits and nurturing. 


If not, if you grew up with unpredictable parents, abusive or neglectful or in a household filled with fear, criticism, withdrawn love, rejection and chaos then in your adulthood you might carry these deep scars, wounds and beliefs:

  • Nobody loves me

  • I'm to blame

  • I'm damaged

  • I'm unworthy

  • I'm helpless

The truth is, there was nothing wrong with you and the way you were as a child. It was not your fault. 

And despite it all the good news is - you can still repair these inner places where there’s still longing, or where there might be shame or rigidity around the suppressed desire for connection and love. 


Most people struggling with symptoms of early trauma don’t even realize it.

The Embodied Resilience is for you if you often feel: 

  • You have the tendency to be forgetful and space out or day dream a lot. 
  • You are overly harsh with yourself, and extremely self critical, narrowing your field of possibilities 
  • You believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you, that you are unworthy, unlovable, not good enough. 
  • You are easily triggered by others and sensitive to outer criticism 
  • You don’t feel seen or heard in relationships, and you are having difficulties speaking up for yourself. 
  • You are always active, over thinking, and overanalyzing, and can’t relax and be present and mindful. Meditations are very hard for you.
  • Physical things are playing out in your body. They are showing up as chronic health symptoms that can’t be explained. Like: fibromyalgia, stomach issues, joint pain, obesity and more.
  • You trust nobody. Your guard is up all the time in order to protect yourself

Mind you, symptoms show up in different ways, physical, emotional or both. Despite the fact that these are the most common, they can be hidden and not always visible.  

If you do resonate with some of these and realize that you were neglected and lived in a chaotic unsafe environment as a child, it’s a good idea when time comes, to do something about it.

The truth is, there was nothing wrong with you and the way you were as a child. It was not your fault.

Deep down you know...
That something needs to change in your life but have no idea what it is. It feels like you’re barely existing, just going through the motions. 

You recognize...
That you are a people-pleaser, a hopeless perfectionist, or are having issues with boundaries. You’ve been this way for so long that you don’t know how to be different.  

You feel...
That deep down like you’re never really going to be good enough no matter what you do but you have no idea how to shift that story so you just keep going along  

You have done everything you know...
to put things behind you. You told yourself that it’s “all in the past” and it’s time to “move on.”  

Because No matter what you have been through in life, no matter the family you were born into, no matter the pain you experienced. You still:  

  • Deserve  to know what you want and go for it without always compromising 
  • Deserve  more self love and less concern of what others think of you 
  • Deserve  to feel comfortable in your body no matter what it looks like

And despite the good things in your life, there’s still this unclear sense of hurt and pain. Deep in your heart, you are still sensing that the trauma “isn’t over yet.” 


 if you’re ready for a healing way that makes a difference in how you feel in your skin and how you go about living and loving  

And you want a partner who can support you on your journey inwards, explore the darkness, and model how to courageously heal the wounds to become whole again… 

Nurit Nardi - Mind Body Therapy New Paltz

Healing mentorship with Nurit

Mindbody therapy and complex trauma coaching 

MindBody Healing Mentorship is an embodiment program. It’s about coming home to yourself, to what resides within you so you can reconnect with your body in a whole new way after too long being numb, disconnected and shutdown. 

Together We’ll: 

  • Observe the Pattern 
  • Befriend Your Emotions 
  • Bodymind Change 
  • Learn New Life Skills 
  • Become Aware of the Working of Your Nervous System  

Clients who worked with me experienced these benefits:

  • Learn to be with your emotions without being overwhelmed by them 

  • Becoming a friend to your body and develop body awareness

  • Resolving stress and trauma and getting to know your nervous system patterns

  • Deepening connections with yourself and ultimately with others

  •  Connecting to your authentic inner self 

  • Be open to hearing and trusting your inner wisdom 

  • Peeling back past layers of defense that are no longer useful 

  • Awakening your intuition 

  • Incorporating bodymind healing techniques into your everyday life

  • Accessing your gifts, inner resources, thinking, and wisdom

  • Cultivating heart qualities that got shut down by trauma and difficult experiences – sensitivity, compassion, and gentleness.

  • Increasing confidence 


Includes information about the neuroscience and the psychology of trauma, accompanied by therapeutic touch (Biodyanmic Craniosacral- for locals only) and mind body centered healing.

You will re-learn 

To deeply listen to the wisdom that is within that is beyond the wounds and traumas. To hold, and heal what’s unresolved  – the wounds, the losses, the longings – and make space for all of them to be seen and witnessed and gently healed so you can lovingly return home to yourself. 

holding your trauma and wounds in your body keep you caged in a prison of dysfunction.

Resolving trauma, especially chronic and childhood trauma, is more than just technique

Let me help and guide you through it now, so you can feel whole and well, and create the life you want and deserve.