Does Your Birth Have An Effect on Your Behaviour As An Adult?

Can you believe that your birth has an impact on your behavior later in life?

Yes, it does

How so?

All of you experience stress and trauma to an extent in our early life.

Your earliest memories are very powerful formative times in your development because they shape the development of your brain and nervous system.

Your psychology, physiology and behaviour patterns are imprinted in these early stages.

In Adulthood

You may not be aware that you may be reacting to current situations in your adult life, from these early imprints.

Why is that? Because cerain situation can trigger these implicit memories despite the fact that they are pre-verbal and subconscious ‘body memories’.

Health issues

There is evidence that confirms that many health issues- autoimmune, stress related, degenerative disease, psychological conditions and many others arise from how your brain and nervous system get wired up from early on in our life.

The good news

Okay, now for the good news. The nervous system and brain can be re-patterned. Yes, the brain has incredible plasticity and can develop new pathways throughout life.

It is possible to create new imprints that can support your health, personal growth and go on to have a loving and stable relationships.

Releasing these stress patterns from the body and resetting the nervous system can free up stuck trauma energy, transform the way we view the world, and allow us to reach our full potential, and it’s never too late 

Is it you?

Here are few possible patterns related to birth:

Long Labor- feeling stuck, struggle to get to where you want to be, dislike closed spaces

High risk for the mother: gets caught up in victim-perpatrator cycle with authority figures

Premature: sensitives , feeling :not ready”

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