Do you feel BROKEN?

Some of my clients use the word “broken” to describe what got them to come in and see me.

“I feel broken” they say, “can you fix me?”

I despise this word Broken but I am also aware that some of these clients had not so good experinces with previous helpers and they feel hopless, stuck, and afraid.

What comes next is a question that hangs up in the air between us: “can I be fixed after being broken for so long?”

“You aren’t a broken clay that can be glued together ” I say.

So rather than getting down on our four and start looking for the glue and the broken pieces, I suggest that being broken is not so bad. It has a potential for something new – something that can be used to shape your past and enables for both healing and growth.

The big difference from the past is that now you are no longer alone and I am not the big authoritarian presence that is above you trying to pull you out. Rather, we are side by side. We form bond that encourages healing to happen through relationship and trust.

Instead of trying to stop this process of brokenness, you are welcome to delve into the chaos with me, and allow for things to get messy for a while. In this messy state of chaos, you can start seeing in the dark what’s keeping you stuck, what’s holding you back, what subconscious tapes are being played.

You can’t ‘fix the past’, but you can actually allow it to be what is. Get the difference?

Eventually, the fixed clay can turn into a breathing clay, its history is till there but after, with the right guidance, it can be centered on the wheel, and amazing things start happening!

With love,


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