Your wounds from chronic repeated traumatic events are tender and real.

You might not even see the connection of your present burdens to your lingering past traumas.

Most people who come through my door don’t see the connection of their present burdens to their lingering past.

And rightly so.

You seek help because of unresolved stress and overwhelm, physical symptoms or being stuck that’s going on in the now.

Through our work together, through bearing witness to your sufferings, you start realizing that past traumatic experiences don’t just go away, those experiences still live in your the heart, mind and body.

In the process you will realize and come to see how resilient you really are. How valid you are, and how processing your truth strengthen you.

Your ability to bounce back is remarkable because of your past.

That’s resilience. It’s a skill you can build on and continue to develop.


  • Engage in what supports your well being spiritually, physically, socially on a daily basis. It provides you with the ability to be rooted no matter what happens in the outside world.
  • Turn towards uncomfortable sensations and emotions that are painful, with acceptance.


Few somatic routines to help you build capacity to meet challenges (they are simple but they work!)

·      Intentional sighing- reduces your stress

·      Placing your hand on your heart when in distress


Imagine a packet of seeds that are to be planted in the garden. Some seeds get more sunlight, more water and are planted in nourishing topsoil and because they are put in the right place at the right time, they can rise from seed to seedling to a thriving tree.

Other Seeds are planted in the shade where they don’t get enough water may never become anything at all, unless someone transplants them, saves them before it’s too late.

Then there are those plants that despite their circumstances look for light on their own. They find a way to get from the shade into the sunshine. They find it without anybody digging them up and placing them in the light. They find strength where there is none. That is resilience.

Keep up your courage!


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