How to turn trauma into calm

basic first step

Trauma comes in many forms.

The one I am working with is called complex trauma caused by neglect and growing up in homes that were not homes- families that were loveless , where you felt unwanted, rejected, unliked.

If you can identify yourself here, then trauma might be part of your mind, soul, and body.

In the coming up newsletters I will mention mindbody practices that can assist you to start or continue your healing from childhood trauma .

First one is mindfulness. Yes, I know. Mindfulness is everywhere these days and people might use this term in many different ways.

Mindfulness is not a religion. Basically it’s a practice about paying attention to the present moment without a judgment.

It is not so much about emptying the mind but centering it.

The first important step in healing your trauma is the ability to cultivate an attitude of mindful awareness to be curious and nonjudgmental about your experiences.

Your Practice of Mindfulness

Take the next several minutes to cultivate an attitude of mindful awareness.

·      What are the thoughts you are having?

·      Are your experiencing any emotions?

·      What sensations are you experiencing in your body right now

·      How is your breath moving through you

·      Are you energized or fatigued

·      Is your mind wandering, if so to where

·      Are you distracted by thoughts of past or future?

If possible, bring your attention back to your sensations.

There is no right and wrong in this practice.

Better to write it down

Take a few minutes to write about your observations

You can return to this practice each and every day.


This ability to be with can be transferred to our work together by you becoming mindful to all aspects of your experiences, as felt in the moment .

And that will greatly contribute to your healing.

Keep up your courage!


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