listen! what are your physical symptoms telling you

the mindbody connection is a powerful link

research has confirmed that many physical issues don’t happen out of the blue, and genetics don’t always play a role. instead, the connection between childhood stress and physical symptoms has been well documented and known.

how can you tune in?

many years ago i used to suffer from lower back pain. at the times i was working as a massage therapist and was seeing up to 5 clients a day, and my work was physically exhausting.

i believed then that i was in tune with my body (what did i know…) and i was to an extent. but what escaped my listening is acting according to the underlying message of the pain which was

you need more rest!

the belief system i held at the time said that i had no right to really get rest until i finish all the tasks planned for the day.

makes sense! but let me clarify, that belief system led me to believe that if i stay in bed in the morning meant that i was lazy. which was too much to digest.

what does listening to the body mean?

able to open yourself to all messages you receive from your physical, emotional and mental bodies. that’s not always easy and requires some skill.

our bodies are imprinted by early life experiences and stresses

unprocessed experiences in your childhood where you felt unsafe and unprotected, mostly by emotional neglect, divorce and relationships with care taker.

which if not paid attention to at the time, can lead to physical problems in adulthood.


difficulty breathing
back pain
irritable bowel syndrome
chest pain
skin conditions

and even serious and chronic illnesses.

quite a few of my clients come in with physical symptoms which they don’t even mention because they don’t think it can change. but it can and it did.

by decoding the meaning of the symptoms and applying it to the greater landscape of their lives, it can effect the overall healing process, get better, and sometimes gets totally resolved.


observing a physical symptom is like opening a night dream. you must take all the pieces and put them together to get a greater picture.

how do you feel, how do you really feel?

according to world-renowned scientist, bruce lipton, physical symptoms are evidence of what is going on in your subconscious mind and how you are really feeling inside.

another evolutionary scientist, calvin banyan explains that if emotions are ignored, your subconscious mind must find another way to get its message across (physical symptoms) and help you see that your deeper needs are being ignored.

what all this means for you and me

is that true health requires that you go deeper and address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, not just the physical symptoms.

you are invited to reflect:

on your relationships with your body when it hurts.

take time to check :

what the pain prevents you from doing and being.

the answer to that will help you discover the true need of your soul.

in my case, the pain prevented me from being free to stay comfortably in bed. so my need was about freedom, which was blocked by my need to prove that i am not lazy.

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