craniosacral therapy: issues in tissues?

my story (one of them…)

i was new to craniosacral therapy, just started to take classes actually. it was in the mid 90’s and working through the issues in the tissues was not a new concept but a new experience for me. i participated in a class called somatoemotional release.

i immediately felt that this work was different from anything i had experience before. it wasn’t a massage; there was no probing, and no pain. extremely suitable for my sensitive nature (even though at the time i knew nothing about being sensitive).

during the practice session i was guided by my partner (we were both students) into a mindbody process related to a traumatic experience that happened years before. i don’t want to go to the story associated with it, but for years i thought i totally healed.

i was convinced that i was ok but during the cranial session it became clear that i haven’t. and only because i had no more tears and only because life seemed to go back to normal, doesn’t mean i was done.

the way i sensed my grief during that session was very different than talking about it (more left brain processing). fresh tears came and helped me heal. the work touched deeper than words could and the whole process felt safe and natural.

like with everything, energy has its own course and its impact on the system is very different than words.

and yet , after session was over i felt more relaxed and complete. and till today maybe 30 years later i still remember that session and am still grateful for the opportunity.

we hold our traumas in the tissues

well, you might say, you thought you are over it, why dig in further?

when working craniosacrally you are working with the nervous system, if you have unresolved unfinished trauma your mind and your body are consistently being impacted by the stress response and it will be affecting your nervous system for years to come materializing as chronic stress, tension, or even physical illness

as dr. peter levine, the trauma specialist, states:

people who have had trauma in their early life cannot simply `move on’. the expression `time heals all wounds’ simply does not apply to trauma.


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