craniosacral therapy – part 1

feel the calm

clinical questions you always wanted ask about craniosacral therapy but never asked!

what conditions does craniosacral therapy (CST) help with?

the effects of craniosacral therapy (CST) are far and wide and i prefer not to have a list. instead, here is what i mostly work with. 

stress, anxiety, and trauma

our mind and body don’t recognize the artificial separation of mental and physical.  

Craniosacral therapist touching patient

your life experiences are woven into the fabrics of the body. emotional pain, anxiety, and trauma reside in the tissues of the body and are imprinted into the nervous system. memories are not just stored in the brain, they are imprinted in the nervous system and the body’s connective tissues.  

working cransioacrally addresses these imprints on a ‘source’ level by resolving and healing old layers of hurt and fear that are still being held in your tissues, helping your body and mind settle into newfound calmness and peacefulness.

  • pain – clients come for Craniosacral Therapy to help with acute physical symptoms like headaches or back pain, or other chronic pain issues.  
  • i feel ok. there’s nothing actually ‘wrong’, can I still come in for a session?
    absolutely! you don’t need to have something ‘wrong’ with you to benefit from a session. many people use it to maintain their sense of well-being and calm.

how does CST actually work?

it took me more than five years of combined course work to train in CST.  and many more years to get experiences working with clients.  there is no need to understand the logistics and have the knowledge of the how. 

the best way of understanding is to experience it yourself.  you don’t have to believe it’s going to work for it to work and you certainly don’t have to understand how it works for it to work.  

(but…. having a little bit of trust can go a long way!)

can you resolve my 20 years depression/ back pain/insomnia, in one CST session?

that is probably wishful thinking, but one never knows. usually one session is not enough.   

usually, when i work with a client who is new to the work, i recommend a number of sessions and then we review their progress.  

it often happens that there are other issues that your system needs to resolve first before the specific issue for which you came in for, is ready to be worked with. your body is very wise and we always listen and trust its wisdom which dictates the order of things. amazing things can happen! 

so……what is it that craniosacral therapy is actually doing?

it seems like you are doing so little. in biodynamic craniosacral therapy (CST), there is very little physical manipulation.  we are working at a much deeper, more fundamental level.  

for various reasons, some people are able to notice a lot of the changes that are happening in their body during a session and some notice fewer or maybe even none (this does not mean that nothing is happening!).

if you want someone to experience ‘deep pressure’ bodywork, or deep manipulation, you need to seek a different kind of therapy!

this has been part I on what this amazing, mysterious, subtle and esoteric Craniosacral Therapy is about. subscribe to the newsletter for part 2 at the bottom of this page!