your inner critic, is your obnoxious roommate


inner critic? what’s that?

do you know the voice in your head who talks to you in a way you would never talk to any of your friends?
  • puts you down
  • makes you feel insecure and self doubting
  • is mean
  • has a major negative effect on your life
  • beats you up for tiny imperfections
  • and it knows how to push your buttons

that voice likes to emphasize over and over what is it that you are lacking:

  • the looks
  • the success
  • the body
  • limited abilities, competence and talents
  • little creativity

wouldn’t it be refreshing to quiet or conquer that inner critic that prevents you from reaching your creativity and authentic self? 

it’s the inner critic.
the inner critic is overwhelming and overpowering, always in the shadow, reminding you that you are never good enough.
it makes you second guess, it shames and judges, and tells you how inadequate you are.

costs of an inner critic

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • driven by fear
  • other emotions like anger and fear are ruling your life keeping you small, unfulfilled, and unhappy
“self-doubt. I have an idea, and then I start analyzing and criticizing it… ‘can I really do this? do I really want to do this? will people really want this? isn’t there is too much competition? why waste my time on something that’s going to fail?’ … then in my despair I move onto something else without taking action.”
don’t believe the critics and don’t let them crush your dreams!

help for the inner critic

fortunately, there are ways to resolve your inner critic; in fact, you might even be able to persuade it to help you and restore your sense of worthiness through compassion, curiosity, courage.

  • get to know and understand your critic(s) and its intent
  • heal early emotional trauma that is still dictating your life today, through mindfulness and the body mind approach
  • mindfully work with the critic
  • awaken to the power of love and a new voice inside
  • go beyond
  • increasing self confidence, self expression, motivation and courage
it’s time to break the habit of listening to your inner critic.
let Nurit help conquer or quiet that inner voice!