inner critic alchemy – part 2

the negative voice that kills your confidence

negative self talk isn’t always easy to catch. people i work with are not always aware of their negative self talk, but know they are unhappy.

at the end of the day, they want to feel and be happier. they are tired of this ‘something’ inside that is never satisfied, always demanding, always pointing toward what’s missing. that doesn’t help in life.

they are also aware that they want to build a more solid self esteem and a better, more fluid relationship with themselves.

if you are wondering how did you turn this way, know that this way of negative self talk is often related to early life trauma and unresolved inner stress that you carry within since childhood till today.

what is a false sense of self?

is when you believe you are supposed to be different from who you are. it starts mostly in young age when you had to model yourself around the demands and expectations of your care takers.

trying so hard to keep up with other people’s demands that did not correspond with your inherent nature, created a false sense of self.

a mask ‘of acceptance’ that was needed for your survival, so you could continue staying connected to your family, getting the safety of your basic needs met.

for that you had to shutdown on your true biological nature and suppress your emotions, your creativity and curiosity.

living that way can ruin your life.

i know it firsthand since that was my lot in life for many years.

when your true self get suppressed and depressed and squashed, it’s not a place you want to stay in.

so, you grow up feeling that something is missing. you are not yourself. you don’t feel right.

all you know is that your life is hard, that it’s dull, and you aren’t enjoying it. it’s negative and ain’t fun. if that sounds like you, know that this isn’t a life sentence.


you can heal and change, which might require time, inner work and patience. 

it’s possible by working through your physiology, and by dropping into your bodies where the answers of becoming your authentic self are being held.

now is the time! work with me!

do you experience something similar, is the idea of a negative self talk resonate with you? please share. i would love to find out and if needed, help you learn how to use your inner wisdom instead of inner pressure.

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