does online therapy work?

i admit, i wasn’t a fan of online therapy work. but i changed. 

i learned there are many valid reasons why online learning and healing can be highly effective. here’s why online therapy sessions can work for you:

  • even though we are far away from each other, we still feel as we are sitting in the same room. 
  • saves you lots of time. it’s really convenient if you have limited time so you don’t have to drive, sit in traffic and find parking. 
  • you don’t have to leave your living room if you’re someone who doesn’t like to leave the house. 
  • if you live in a rural community or abroad, it might be complicated to find a local therapist that you resonate with. so an online therapist from outside your community could be ideal for you.

research proves online therapy is effective!

years of research prove that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy because:

  • during rough times like these days, keeping your regular sessions (online or off) is very helpful · 
  • we can access your fears, your anxieties and how world events are having an impact on you. 
  • we can do body related explorations to help regulate your nervous system, letting go of the tension and help you feel a lot more grounded and connected..
  • i’ve been working, studying and teaching workshops online for several years,. 
  • i also see my own therapist online because she lives in Israel, so I’m really used to it..

connect with me to discuss how I can support you! online or in-person sessions are available.