craniosacral therapy – part 3

clinical questions you wanted to ask but never did.

talk or be still?

thirty five years ago, when I started working as a massage therapist (yes, I’m that old!!), it was widely accepted that a massage therapy session should be performed in silence. today, I am experienced enough to know that there is time for everything: time to talk and time for silence. with Craniosacral Therapy this is particularly true.

there are many stages to a session of profound body-work like craniosacral and stillness is a profound and highly corrective state of being while in the session. in stillness, the system tends to reorganize in a way that only nature knows how to.

however, stillness is not the goal for everyone and every session.

for example: let’s just say that your office is in a bustling city like NYC (where I kept an office for years). there, I was situated next to a pilates studio where the noise of ongoing classes and talk used to penetrate through the super-thin paper-like walls. that used to upset me thinking that my clients cannot really rest, (which tells you about my own sensitive nervous system).

some of my clients were able to go deep despite the noise to the calm rest and digest, some (myself included) and especially if you have a highly sensitive nervous system, found it more difficult to get into their body and stayed more in the active fight and flight. 

sleep during session

often people tend to fall into a dream state through the session or in certain stages of the session. it’s what they need.

a lot of releasing happens while one sleeps, on the other hand, it can be a learned strategy to get away, “check out” and disassociate. It’s not that black and white for craniosacral therapy.

i help people find safety and stillness within their bodymind

body awareness is one the goals in my therapeutic work and is a big deal for almost everyone. it takes time, and verbal interaction is part of it.
helping clients sense what they feel and sense in the body move things forward.

stillness is still precious but might happen later on. stillness is scary to some people it is. just like gentle light touch can be unsettling to others. some clients need conversation because it’s hard to be quiet.

if you need to talk, that’s where you are at and that’s fine. we can build intimate relationships with your body in a slower pace. 


if you as a client want to share something with me either prior or during a session, please do. 

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