are you covid’s touch deprived?

us, humans, need and crave touch. we are wired for touch. as infants we are being cuddled, we are experiencing the reassurance of skin to skin contact, we are being snuggled with warmth by parents, care takers or even hospital staff. you might consider it strange but those ‘touchy’ experiences are imprinted in your subconscious and can … Read more

is there an (emotional) wall protecting you?

think back to your childhood days. you are sensitive and creative; you lived through a “bad” childhood where you lacked emotional care, safety was an unheard concept, and expressing your emotions wasn’t the norm. are there still painful memories burning at your core? no matter how many years passed by? even if the memories aren’t … Read more

does online therapy work?

i admit, i wasn’t a fan of online therapy work. but i changed.  i learned there are many valid reasons why online learning and healing can be highly effective. here’s why online therapy sessions can work for you: even though we are far away from each other, we still feel as we are sitting in the same room.  saves … Read more

inner critic alchemy – part 1

it always surfaces in healing or therapy with sensitives and creatives: you can be so empathetic with others and so very critical of yourselves. the inner critic  there’s a strong, harsh and often cruel inner voice that keeps pointing out how imperfect and limited you are. which is the surest way to destroy your confidence and self-esteem. … Read more