Do you feel BROKEN?

Some of my clients use the word “broken” to describe what got them to come in and see me. “I feel broken” they say, “can you fix me?” I despise this word Broken but I am also aware that some of these clients had not so good experinces with previous helpers and they feel hopless, stuck, and afraid. … Read more

Does Your Birth Have An Effect on Your Behaviour As An Adult?

Can you believe that your birth has an impact on your behavior later in life? Yes, it does How so? All of you experience stress and trauma to an extent in our early life. Your earliest memories are very powerful formative times in your development because they shape the development of your brain and nervous system. Your psychology, … Read more

Nine Things You Want to Know When Healing Early Trauma

When you were little When you were little, bad things happened to you. Your parents or your care takers, your primary source of nurturing who were supposed to be there for you, were dismissive or uncaring or busy, the environment might have been unsafe and sometimes even dangerous. You grew up feeling unprotected and uncared for . … Read more

How to turn trauma into calm

basic first step Trauma comes in many forms. The one I am working with is called complex trauma caused by neglect and growing up in homes that were not homes- families that were loveless , where you felt unwanted, rejected, unliked. If you can identify yourself here, then trauma might be part of your mind, soul, and … Read more


Your wounds from chronic repeated traumatic events are tender and real. You might not even see the connection of your present burdens to your lingering past traumas. Most people who come through my door don’t see the connection of their present burdens to their lingering past. And rightly so. You seek help because of unresolved stress and overwhelm, physical … Read more


First and foremost, I’m glad you’re here. Welcome. I hope this newsletter is helpful to you, and if not for you, maybe someone else, a friend, that you know and love. Think boundaries, Imagine fences. Fences are good for a number of things: they are a physical barrier that prevents entering and exiting, they note … Read more


You have a body Your soul lives in your body Your emotions live in your body Your organs, brain, physiology, heart and so on live in your body You live in your body for this lifetime Your energy field radiates out of your body For you to align yourself with a life of goodness, safety and … Read more

are you covid’s touch deprived?

us, humans, need and crave touch. we are wired for touch. as infants we are being cuddled, we are experiencing the reassurance of skin to skin contact, we are being snuggled with warmth by parents, care takers or even hospital staff. you might consider it strange but those ‘touchy’ experiences are imprinted in your subconscious and can … Read more

is there an (emotional) wall protecting you?

think back to your childhood days. you are sensitive and creative; you lived through a “bad” childhood where you lacked emotional care, safety was an unheard concept, and expressing your emotions wasn’t the norm. are there still painful memories burning at your core? no matter how many years passed by? even if the memories aren’t … Read more