Integrative bodymind therapist in the Hudson Valley NY and the world at large with 35 years of experience.

Nurit Nardi - Mind Body Therapy New Paltz

Helping you, the Highly Sensitive and creative, to heal childhood trauma, improve your relationships with yourself and others, embrace your unique gifts, and thrive.


I support  people just LIKE YOU to peel back the heavy layers of your past that no longer serve you so your MIND, body AND SOUL CAN BE SET FREE.

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

If, throughout your childhood, you felt rejected, criticized, neglected; if you grew up in a loveless home, and your family was more of an orphanage rather than a real ‘normal’ family; then childhood trauma might be ingrained in your mind, body, soul and consciousness.

Even though these childhood events have long passed, they leave a residue that continues to affect your mind- body and your existence till today. 


“Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens Inside you as a result of what happens to you.” - Dr. Gabor Mate

holistic healing
Nurit Nardi working


If you experienced trauma in your childhood you probably know what being your biggest enemy feels.

You know how you tend to minimize yourself into small definitions, how you fall into jobs that are not inspiring, and into unsatisfactory relationships only because they make you feel safe.

I get it. I am passionate about supporting you because I know exactly what it’s like to go through a loveless and neglect-full childhood. 

My purpose is to help men and women like you heal their wounds and find inner peace and freedom.


Why does mindbody therapy help?

Many therapists use talk therapy. I’m a somatic (body-oriented) therapist, which means I combine body centered talk therapy with body work, Craniosacral therapy, breathing, imagery, dream work and more.  

Just talking about an issue taps into a part of the brain that is more cognitive called “the prefrontal cortex”. However, when in states of overwhelm or anxiety that part of the brain is shut down. 

Actually, there are other parts of the brain that help us shift things. There is the emotional part (Limbic system) and the survival part (brain stem). Both play a  HUGE role in releasing the hold complex trauma has over us. 

In our work together I will help you get out of your head and into your body, tap into different parts of your brain and nervous system. 

You will also come to realize and experience how Your trauma can turn into a sacred gateway to helps you evolve and grow.  

holistic healing

HEALING IS LIKE peeling of AN ONION. As you process through one layer of trauma to release the pain and heal, a new layer will surface. One layer after another layer will bring up new issue to focus so. Pace yourself. Only focus on one layer at a time.

I bring to my work a rare combination of degrees, licensed certifications and skills in a wide range of therapeutic strategies: transpersonal therapy, focusing-oriented therapy, imagination and dream work, clinical trauma skills, biodynamic craniosacral therapy and an array of bodywork modalities. 

What this means for you: 

I can draw from a wealth of experience, training and my empathic abilities to devise the optimal ways of working with you. 

You’ll find in me a commitment to supporting and empowering you to live your soul’s truth by gently removing the layers of fear, trauma, silenced emotions and stress that are blocking your path. 

It could be a rough ride so please don’t go on it alone. In my programs and workshops you will find belonging, empathy, and safety.