After breaking my ankle, I worked with Nurit for several sessions. This was a very bad break. I was dealing with tremendous stress and anxiety.
Due to other medical complications, I opted not to have surgery. I am happy to say that I am fully healed and that my ankle is in far better shape than before the accident.
The work Nurit did with me was instrumental in helping me release my stress and anxiety.
I am certain that working with her freed up my body’s energy to heal as well as it did. Thank you Nurit!”

G. Koury- Hudson Valley, NY



For years I tried to overcome my past. After seeing many psychologists and even Psychiatrists I had an understanding of my issues- but I still experienced debilitating depression,anxiety, and helplessness – nothing worked!

Today, I am much happier, more in control, and have the tools to shift the emotional traps I tend to fall into- it took less than 10 sessions.I place such value on Nurit’s work and intuition that I sent all my loved ones to her”

P. C. – Queens, NY



Dear Nurit,I very much enjoyed your presentation last evening in New Paltz. Iappreciated the grace with which you conducted the whole session, and found your attention to individual participants both adept and caring; in addition, your website and business card are gorgeous. My therapeutic needs are already being addressed well, but I will be glad to speak well of you when others ask about local resources. Sincerely,”

Marge Graybeal

Library session in Imagery



I see Nurit as my healer. The combination of body and chakra work, dream opening and Imagery exercises in which we engage as a team has resulted in a subtle, yet real and significant life changes. I am more aware of my body, feelings and emotions, and am more at ease-more “me” particularly at work and at social situations.

The new way of being has translated into greater confidence, resulting in recognition and appreciation by bosses, colleagues,and friends. In addition I have resumed my loved activities: Aikido, Yoga, singing, photography. I have developed more and deepest friendships and family ties with healthier boundaries. As Nurit and I continue to work, I am seeing myself and my life with ever increasing clarity, excitement and hope without worrying exactly how the future willlook.”

Thank you, Nurit.


Dan (New York City)



You know those patterns that seem to run your life,you find yourself making the same mistakes or stuck in the rut for what seems like forever? I call Nurit my pattern breaker. My main frustration and fear was that I was approaching 40 and had a desire for a husband and child and felt very stuck. I kept meeting guys that were just not right in one way or another. In working with Nurit I was able to let go of those guys and open myself to attracting the love of my life, in a short year and a half. I have a guy and the baby. Nurit was a very important part of making my dreams come true-”

Beth Schoenfeldt

Ladies who Launch




Nurit’s gifts and skills address the meeting point of the body and the mind, offering her clients profound access to their own possibilities. Her work is marvelous; she is a marvel.”

 Phyllis La Farge, writer


Nurit Nardi served as a catalyst for me to get in touch with the roots of my emotional blocks through listening to my body and decoding the message through my emotions.”

J. (New York city)


I sought Nurit’s help during a very challenging time in my life: anxiety, stress, and what appeared to be depression. She came highly recommended by a friend.

After my first session, it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted and has continued throughout my sessions. She was able to tap into what was going with me very early on. Her genuine compassion, caring, wisdom and healing abilities has been a blessing. She has helped me clear and open the path for my own healing work-

A. Charite

Intuitive/Clairvoyant Healer

Nurit’s teaching was very relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I came in a bit cranky and tired, and left after an hour and a half of mastering tips for releasing back pain- invigorated in a relaxed and peaceful way- I felt like I have come alive again! I highly recommend the workshop for its professionalism, thoroughness (mind-body-spirit), and Nurit’s huge smile that allowed me to connect with her in a very heart-felt way.

S.C. Stone Ridge, NY


I was faced with a new challenging job, stressful relationships, and an unexplained feeling of stress, anger and “being out of sorts”. I felt stuck, and discontent. I needed somebody with a good ear, and the ability to get to the core of my stuckness.

Nurit was just the right person! In just 5 sessions she helped me release an old life pattern, and facilitate a change. The imagery exercises were very helpful, and I loved the CranioSacral bodywork with the deep physical and emotional relaxation that was the result.
In short, working with Nurit has been wonderful- her expertise, intuition, and healing touch helped me release years of accumulated stress ”




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