Stress Factors

If you are a rabbit running for your life, your responses are superbly adapted to deal with short-term stress. Once danger is over, your nervous system will go into balanced state and the body will shake out the stress. We humans tend to sit and worry, sometimes for months about a variety of things : mortgages, relationships, promotions. If you spend long periods in anxiety, anger, or tension this very well might lead to an illness or become a chronic

Take the Stress Test Below:





Chronic muscle tension?

Grinding your teeth?

Frequent crisis?

Constantly tired?

Worried those bad things
will happen again?

Low energy? Low motivation?

Not aware of your true
inherent power?


Feeling of deprivation?

Chronic pain?

Constant worry? Always
in an active alert state?

Angry and confrontational?

Your thoughts are driving
you crazy?

Fearful of relationships?

Impulses to run away or

Nervous stomach (gas,

Tense? Nervous? Sleepless?

Shallow breathing?

Migraine headaches?

Unable to cope with all
you have to do?

If you score:

1-10 – you manage your stress well

10-15- you may be under significant stress.

15-20 seek help!!

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