Our sessions are designed to closely follow the unique style of each individual or group

Manhattan Office:
108 E. 16 St. (Union Square)
New Paltz:
Plutarch Rd. (very close to route 299,and the throughway)

Telephone For Both Offices:
718-440-5991 (cell)
Email: nnconnect@hotmail.com

Sessions with individuals, couples and groups are offered to address a variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, chronic body symptoms, addictions, and life transitions. The work is also for people seeking to gain deeper insights into themselves and their experiences.

  • Our goal is to bring out the wisdom
    that already exists in you.

  • Regular, weekly private sessions
    are an optimal way to work. The particular needs of clients can be accommodated with longer, more
    intense sessions.

  • In addition to one on one coaching
    and mentoring, I offer group coaching, Imagery and Dream classes and a variety of innovative and transformational workshops. Workshops are offered in the USA, and soon in Israel and Europe.

  • The work could be used with in conjunction with other therapies or by itself.

  • Gift certificates are available!

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