Theme: heal your back pain now!- amazing healing tips, techniques, energetic signals,to get you out of pain.

Based on the notion that the mind and the body are closely connected we will use the power of the creative imagination,with the power of special points in the body combined with essential oils which help you bust through “gloominess”:

  • Discover special energy points on the body to relieve tension and pain

  • Find out how to create a mental image to stimulate health

  • Develop your intuition to effect a nagging pain

  • Find comfort for body, mind, and spirit

Workshop For People Living With Cancer

The image is life which comes to help life, and is the movement of life, that starts life moving again

(Colette Aboulker Muscat)

There is no point where the mind stops and the body begins. Every cell in our body has receptors for neuro-hormones, which are released in accordance to our emotions and belief systems. Our bodies are our “embodied thoughts, sensations, and img”. In addition to Nature (heredity) and Nurture (environment) unresolved mental or emotional issues can be a barrier to your optimal health.

This program was recently presented as a four meeting workshop at the Oncology Support Program at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston NY. The participants raved about it and gave it the highest marks ever seen for a workshop. More information is available by contacting Sarah Urech, the Oncology Support Program Director, who could be reached at or at 845-339-2071 (ext. 103).

Here is what they said:

“Great tool for healing and relaxation”

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity”

“Peaceful and exciting work”

“I experienced strong elements of peace and healing. Thank you”

“The timing of this program was very helpful in my life. My imagination has been overturned!”

“ Thank you, very helpful!”

“ I benefited from all.
Great program!!”


Upgrade Your Image, Expand Your Vision

A personal note:
I hope it’s ok to share something very personal with you. 11 years ago I found out I had breast cancer.
I was lucky in that it was detected early, but the turmoil f fears and doubts, while making very important decisions,
was still intense.

No matter what I kept working on MYSELF. An enormous help came from my Imagery teacher- Dr. Catherine Shainberg (author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming). Her invaluable insights and intuition, our work together- especially the Imagery exercises that I practiced with her and on my own—were an invaluable source of transformation through a difficult time.

I have been extremely fortunate. I healed.

As a result of my experience, this program of Imagery exercises to deal with cancer is a gift of gratitude.

Using mental Imagery exercises, this program helps overcome inner barriers to health.

The program involves the use of specially designed guided Imagery exercises-called Revelation Imagery. This is a true hands-on event that serves as a catalyst for change. The all-powerful language of the imagination enables you to lift your energy, cleanse you body/mind, and contact your deeper self.

Revelation Imagery is designed
and intended to be a complimentary therapy
-not an
alternative or a replacement— for medical intervention.

This information is worth it, easy, and affordable-

1. Create a belief in the possibility of your recovery and healing
2. View yourself as an active participant in your recovery

You will discover HOW TO-

1.Strengthen immune response, fight your illness

2.Generate life affirming attitudes such as hope

3.Attain inner clarity and fulfillment

4.Identify and relieves stress and burdens

5.Re-connect with your inherent health

6.Shift the negative effect of deep belief systems on your health

7.Control physical pain

8. Calm inflammation

The Program

Addresses these relevant issues:

1.The shock of diagnosis

2. Low energy and fatigue

3. Relaxation and a special program for stress reduction

4. Re-connect with life

5. Strengthening immune functions

6. Cleansing and building inner resources

7. Shifting fear and trauma

8. Reducing the debilitating effects of radiation and chemotherapy

9. Emotional and belief system clearing

10. Dealing with loneliness

11. Gates and bridges to the future.

If you have questions, email Nurit or go to the contact page

Other Workshops:

Imagery For Cancer And Chronic Illness

In conjunction with conventional therapies you will be empowered to overcome your illness
through the use of Imagery.

Through dialogue and imagery exercises we will:

  • Identify major life stresses, and how to reduce them.

  • Become aware of the impact your belief system, emotions, traumatic experiences
    have had on you.

  • Make necessary life changes.

  • Generate belief in your recovery.

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If you have questions, email Nurit or go to the contact page

Imagery For Kids
Healing Children Through The Imagination

Imagination plays a constant part in the life of a child, and thus is a perfect way
to work with children.


  • Helps reveal their inner world in a safe way.

  • Guides them to find their own solution.

  • Enables them to try a new solution to an old problem.

  • Develops sense-awareness,improves school performance, and increases self-esteem.

  • Develops answers that come from within rather than being imposed by an external

  • Reduces stress, deals with school difficulties, social and physical issues, self-esteem,
    sibling conflict, anger and frustration, increases concentration.

For Parents and Teachers:

  • Through Imagery, the parent gets to see the inner world of the child. Aspects
    of the child which might be hidden from the parent, often come to light. The child does not feel attacked or interrogated, but sees the exercise as a game of the imagination.

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If you have questions,email Nurit or go to the contact page

A Magical Workshop For The Visual And The Performing Artist

Liberate yourself and your imagination to express your full power and uniqueness. The goal is to blast your creativity and amaze yourself with the endless horizons of your own imagination.

The tools box will consist of: Imagery, Dream Opening, Theatre Games.

In it we will:

  • Use your creativity in a new and exciting channel.

  • Activate you imagination and creativity.

  • Focus your awareness on what is happening to you on a subconscious level.

  • Through the img, experience and explore many aspects of your life in a sensory way.

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If you have questions, email Nurit or go to the contact page

Imagery And Wake Dream Therapy

This is a program that helps you identify your reactions and emotions. After being able to distinguish your habitual patterns of behaviors, you will find yourself better equipped to choose how to respond, rather than habitually react.

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