Have you tried to move on?

I am sure you have.

So why isn’t this ever-repeating situation changing? What is missing?



your issues intellectually does not necessarily indicate change

It Takes More Than Talk

“I don’t get angry” Woody Allen says in the movie Manhattan…”I grow a tumor instead”

Deep emotional, mental and physical patterns not only exist in your thought process, but are also embedded in your body: tissue, organs, muscles, nerves, the limbic brain (the home of emotions), and cells.

These imprinted patterns lie under your conscious awareness but tend to form your basic attitudes in life:how you deal with stress and trauma, your life choices, how you relate,etc. Ignoring the message of
the body is denying your true self.

Because many of us are not aware of these early life imprints, we are inclined to repeat them throughout our lives:again and again in our professional life, relationships, choices, children, friends.

The inseparability

of the mind and body offers enormous potential for healing and self healing

The Healing Connection

Talking cure affects only the mind. Words only cannot cure. Only through engaging with the subtle layers of our beings: the senses, dreams, body, imagery and emotions, are we able to quench the thirst of our tissues and souls.

Engaging the body and its images bring relief from internal conflicts and help you to discover greater depth, richness, and meaning in life.

You will find how at the center of loss a new hope and light shines.

The process of resolving your suffering offers invaluable opportunities for growth

that otherwise would not be available to you

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