Craniosacral Integration Class II

Nurit with the paiteien

Listen to the Body’s Story

Advanced Palpation, Listening and Perception

14 CE’S

Craniosacral Integration II offers specialty training for body workers, massage therapists and anyone working with the body in the healing arts. Yoga and Chi Kong enthusiasts also reap rewards from this training.

Fundamental to Craniosacral Integration is the combination of the practitioners’ therapeutic presence, nonjudgmental listening skills, noninvasive intentions, deep knowledge of anatomy and the art of palpation. Of these, palpation skills are paramount – over and above even your mechanical skills.

In our two-day class, in an atmosphere of acceptance and support, we will:

  • Explore and trust in the sensitivity of your hands as you contact the fluid body.
  • Cultivate your ability to “be still” – that is, energetically grounded and calm in a clear field of healing that allows you to connect as never before to your clients.
  • Develop a safe and empathic listening field.
  • Become more comfortable with the challenges of the subtle palpation skills that Craniosacral Integration requires.
  • Introduce you to the primary sensory language of the body.
  • Witness the shift in tonality of the nervous system as it gently settles.
  • Help clients attain a state of very deep relaxation in a very short time.

Our teaching and learning methods are many and varied and include lectures, visual aids, demonstrations, guided sessions, imagery work and small group explorations.

While earning 14 continuing education credits, you will be adopting as your natural state a supportive, therapeutic presence that allows you to work effectively with clients without draining your own well.

Number of CE’s Provided:14

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Introduction to Craniosacral Integration Therapy
A two-day workshop
April 7th & 8th, 2018
At my home office at
222 Plutarch Rd. Highland NY 12528




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